We have experience across a wide spectrum of technology platforms. This allows us to build you the best solution for your business or organisations needs.

Business Solutions are increasingly made from a dizzying range of technologies... so it has become vital to become proficient in a broad range of these skills.

At Connective Solutions we have experience in the following mainstream technologies

Server Hosting

Unix and Windows server operating systems
Apache web server
Parallels Plesk and CPanel control environments

Website and Application Development

Perl and PHP for server side logic
MySQL for databases
Javascript and Java for Client side functionality
HTML and CSS for website content and styling
Wordpress and Joomla frameworks

Web Services

MailChimp for mass mailing
Big Commerce for online shops
Firetext for sending and receiving texts
PostMark for sending emails
YouTube for video storage and serving
Flikr & Dropbox for cloud storage of photos, documents and videos

Graphics and Media

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for graphics production and photo manipulation
Pinnacle, iMovie and iSkySoft for video editing 

Client Platforms

OSX and Windows on Laptops and Desktops
Android, IOS, Windows and Windows Phone for Apps on Tablets and Phones