Consultative Support

Often it's just advice that you need - "How do I go about that". or "How do I deal with my existing supplier".

We have seen lots of projects before, both large and small, and would be pleased to help you.


Here are a few of the situations where we have been able to provide support
  • Am I being charged too much by my existing supplier for supporting my online business?
  • How do get my site higher in the search engine results?
  • How do I seek tenders for an IT or Website project that I have?
  • How do I go about setting up a project?
  • Some of my existing technology suppliers are failing - what do i do?
Or it could be as simple as :
  • How do I upgrade my Mac or PC?
  • How do I ensure my computers are backed up?
  • How do I organise all my Media - Photos and Videos?
  • How do I best use the cloud?